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If you have any CD's/DVD or any media that was included
with your system at the time of purchase please bring
in/had over to the tech. If you have misplaced/thrown
out these CD's/DVD's this may delay your repairs. In
some cases we may need these CD's/DVD's in order to
do the repairs and the costs of this media will be added
to the bill.

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Things to mention:
  • crashes Or system freeze
  • Error messages
  • New programs installed
  • New hardware or accessories
  • Broken LCD or Digitizer
  • Anything you may have tried
    to repair the problem already.

Contacting Sk Computer for maintenance or Repair, I understand and agree to the following:
*Sk Computer does not accept responsibility for any damage to my computer's hardware/devices for any Services we provide.
*Sk Computers does not accept responsibility for backing up any data or installed software applications that may be on my computer's hard drive. I am responsible for making sure that any critical data is backed up before bringing my computer in for repairs or unless this is agreed upon by both parties to add our optional back up/transfer service before proceeding with the repair for an additional charge.
*I acknowledge that a SK Computer technician will work on my computer as soon as possible after I bring it or tech picks it up.
*When I drop off/we pick up the computer, SK Computers technician will give me an estimate of when the repair or maintenance will be finished. If this estimate changes, the technician will notify me at the phone number or email address listed above.
*I understand that when I bring in my system for repair and/or work that I will be charged a minimum of 1 hour work on the computer. Any further work needed will be quoted and I must agree be SK Computers proceeds with the work.
*SK Computers technicians will work on my computer to the best of their abilities; however Sk Computers does not guarantee that its technicians will be able to solve the problem or problems that my computer is experiencing.
*Once repairs have been completed you will be contacted. You will then have 21 days to pay your final dues to SK Computer. If your bill has not been pay in full and you haven't contacted SK Computers to make arrangements to pay your bill your computer/device becomes the property SK Computers and we may do with it as we see fit to recover any money lost.

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