What is Notebook Computer

Notebook computer, commonly called laptop computer, is a personal computer generally equal or smaller than a briefcase…

What is Desktop Computer

A desktop computer is a personal computer that is designed to fit conveniently on top of a typical office desk….

General details about the device

CD-ROM (Compact Disc-Read-Only Memory) is an optical disk use for storing large amount of data, the most common is 650 Megabytes…

What are the Software Needed in running Notebook or Desktop Computer

The software listed here are only the basic software needed to run your computer….

What are the differences between LCD and CRT Monitors

LCDs are free from geometric image distortions at the screen edges because they are a flat matrix display…

What are the Differences between Desktop and Notebook Computer

Differences between desktop and notebook arise in terms of the location where you are going to used it….

What are the Advantages of using Notebook Computer

Notebook is very handy and can easily be transported and conveniently used in temporary spaces such as in class rooms…

List of Computer Software and Uses

Microsoft Word, WordPerfect or OpenOffice are the best software for word processing….

List of Computer Manufacturer

Acer America Corporation -third largest computer manufacturer in the world….

How To Buy Notebook Computer – A Guide in Purchasing Laptop Computer

Below are the things you consider in buying a laptop or notebook computer….

Computer Types

A desktop computer is an electronic machine computer which convert raw data into meaningful information….